Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Super Mario Bros at Mass, Brixton

Last Saturday we played at Mass in Brixton for our good friends at Summit.

We play for Summit Dirty (the House & Electro part of Summit). These events are often family affairs with the Grin guys such as Jack Michaels, Batch, James Edwards, Sean Thomas etc often spinning their shizzel.

This week we were also blessed by one of the midlands most up and coming DJs at the moment Chris Canning!

I originally drove down to the event and we arrived just before 2am. However after a heated discussion immediately after the set Ed decided that a cold can of Stella Artoi would be enough of a bribe to entice him to drive home.

(It was only his 2nd can and I am sure that he poured some of it away to stay under the legal limit)

Me & Ed did not get down until the early hours however I (James) spent a good half an hour dancing around whilst continually reaching to be sick. After many loud burpy sound effects a little bit of light pink fluid came out of my belly.... Jackpot!

Yes, I was sick on the dancefloor. Just like a 16 1/2 year old chav hitting his first club!
It was the first time I had ever been sick due to too much drink and I felt somewhat refreshed after the experience. The main room was a hard dance exclusive Andy Farley b2b with Paul Glazby & Ben Stevens. Other DJs included Cally Gage, Elements Live etc. Wicked night all round and our first experience of the might Mass Club.

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